Posted by: Jeff Edwards | November 29, 2011

Update two: new reviews and press for I Feel Your Pain by Liz Magic Laser

Liz Magic Laser’s recent performance I Feel Your Pain at the SVA Theatre received a lot of great press both during and after this year’s Performa festival. Here is a rundown of the highlights.

This review by Faye Hirsch on the Art in America site provides an excellent description of the performance, and some of the political issues and social history that it addressed.

The L Magazine ran a piece by Benjamin Sutton describing I Feel Your Pain’s narrative in detail, as well as the technical challenges presented by its staging.

Another detailed description is available at this article on artnet, which also includes several photos from the performance.

This piece from The New York Observer’s Gallerist NY site includes comments from Liz about the production and some of the ideas behind it.

Finally, a review of the Performa festival by Roberta Smith in the New York Times only mentions I Feel Your Pain in passing, but describes it as one of “only two truly stand-out events this year.”

(For links to a couple earlier reviews of I Feel Your Pain, check out this post.)

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