Posted by: Jeff Edwards | January 6, 2012

The 2011 VCS open studios, part 2

This is the second in a series of three posts featuring images from the 2011 VCS open studios. Today’s entry showcases works from the senior studios at 136 West 21st Street, followed by a few shots taken during the reception on April 28th. You can click on any of the images below to see a larger version.


A suspended installation of paintings by Sofia Klapischak.

A closer view of Sofia's paintings.

An installation by Kelly Cabezas.

Courtney Linderman's huge handmade flag.

A group of tiny soldiers at the base of Courtney's flag.

Two collages by Courtney.

A sculptural installation by Jennifer Santiago.

Two more of Jenn's works.

A set of prints by Shellyne Rodriquez, based on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Another view of the studio installation by Joana Fittipaldi that was shown in the last post.

A closer view of Shannon Broder's prints, also shown in the last post.

Another of Shannon's prints.

A studio installation by Olena Shmahalo.

A closer look at Olena's installation.

Another detail from Olena's installation.

An interactive piece by Michelle Yun. The video at the bottom of this post includes a description of this piece and some footage of it in action.

A visitor looks at a piece by Justin Elm.

Sara Friedman's studio.

A closer view of one of Sara's works, a large open relief in wood.

A shot taken over the top of Kelly and Jenn's installation (see the previous post for another view of it).

Erin Franke (center) speaks with visitors to her studio.

Shannon Broder's studio.

A projection of a video piece by Brooke Tomiello. The video embedded below gives a brief glimpse of it in action.

A wider view of the works by Jenn and Courtney shown earlier in this post (Courtney is the person standing at the far right).

Another image of Joana Fittipaldi's performance with Sophia Ribeiro (see the previous post for the other view).

Finally, check out this video about the senior open studios from the VCS Vimeo page:


I’ll be back this weekend with one more post about the 2011 VCS open studios, featuring images from the studio space at 133 West 21st Street.

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