Posted by: Jeff Edwards | January 12, 2012

Pictures from last night’s reception for “It’s All in Your Head”

Here are some photos from last night’s reception for the VCS fourth-year exhibition “It’s All in Your Head” at SVA’s Westside Gallery, including a few shots of some of the artworks in the show. You can click on any of the images to see a larger version.


A view of the front hall outside the Westside Gallery, taken from the sidewalk in front of 133/141 West 21st Street.

A group of people enter the gallery to check out the show (left). There are also works on display around the corner to the right, and in the front hall to the left of this view.

Inside the gallery.

A detail of a floor installation by Molly Nadav.

A piece by Elektra KB.

A view over the crowd inside the gallery. We had a great turnout.

Paintings in the front hall by Zeke Decker (left) and Ryan Brady (right).

A sculpture by Maddy Gentile, hung in one of the hall windows facing the street.


You can see more images from the reception in this photo set on the VCS flickr page. I will post additional views of artworks from the exhibition soon.

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