Posted by: Jeff Edwards | July 3, 2012

Images from the 2012 VCS open studios (part 2 of 4)

Here are some more images from last semester’s VCS open studios, featuring artworks by several of this year’s graduating seniors. You can find a few more works by these students in the 2012 open studios photo set on the VCS flickr page.

For a closer look at the details in each work below, click on the images to open up larger versions.


A mixed-media piece by Annatruus Bakker.

More works by Annatruus.

A display of prints and other works by Autumn Eggleton in the 4th floor studio space.

A closer look at two of Autumn’s prints.

A studio installation by Gisel Endara.

A detail from Gisel’s installation.

A print by Alex Goldstein.

This one is also by Alex.

A mixed-media piece by Ryan Brady.

Another piece by Ryan.

One of the 4th floor classrooms was used as a theater for video projection. This shot was taken during the screening of a video by Joe Bressler.

A still from Joe’s video.

An installation of prints by Marissa Havers.

Another print by Marissa.


I’ll be back in a few days with more images from open studios, including art by seven more members of the VCS class of 2012. See you then.

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