Posted by: Jeff Edwards | January 2, 2013

Brooke Tomiello’s residency at the Leipzig International Art Program

I’ve written several posts in the past about the Visual & Critical Studies program’s ongoing interaction with the Leipzig International Art Program (LIA), starting with this report from March 2010 about a VCS-sponsored lecture at SVA presented by LIA’s founder and curator Anna-Louise Kratzsch. In August of that year, VCS graduate Katie Armstrong went to Leipzig to participate in a residency at LIA, which you can read about in a series of posts (linked below) that I did during her time there.

In the summer of 2011, VCS alumna Brooke Tomiello also took part in the LIA residency. Recently, she sent us some information about her time in Leipzig, along with a few images.

Here’s what she had to say:

My experience at the Leipzig International Art Programme helped me develop as an artist in more ways than one. During my stay, I met and lived with international artists who inspired me everyday. I wound up collaborating with Sarina Scheidegger, a fellow LIA resident, and presented that work (Open, and When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again, among others) for the Spring Rundgång. I had weekly critiques with visiting artists, gallery owners, and writers. I was able to travel and build my personal work through the experiences that are specific to Leipzig and Europe. I was approached by artists, writers, gallery owners for interviews, questions and future shows.

What helped me develop the most was speaking with my audience. Hearing, first hand, questions and observations from “nonartists” allowed me to understand what may have been missing or what I needed to adjust. I was able to show my work at least twice in Leipzig, for the Winter Rundgång and for the Spring Rundgång, and in a group show in Bern, Switzerland called “Collagen.” The opportunity has led to my portfolio expanding, my research developing, and my understanding as an artist on how I work and proceed with shows. It also has opened my network throughout Europe with artists who I continue to stay in close contact with. I would recommend any young, inspired, and proactive artist to consider this program with high esteem and take advantage of the wonderful opportunity.

Here are some images and videos from the residency that Brooke provided, presented with her commentary.

These are images of my studio without “work,” just living space, and then my studio set up for the Spring Rundgång that took place in May.

Studio without work

Studio for Spring Rundgung

The Open video and image (below) are part of one installation.


The next group shows a wide view and three closeups of collages displayed in my studio for the Spring Rundgång (a.k.a. Spring Gallery tour at the Spinnerei).

displayed 1

Middle Suspension1

Middle Suspension2

Middle Suspension 3

The collages above are secondary to the Memory video, which was also installed for the Spring Rundgång.

[On her Vimeo notes for Memory 1, Brooke provides the following additional comments: “A collage video based on multistability and memory/recollection. Original videos, shapes, and sounds by me. Please listen with headphones.” Her collaboration with Sarina Scheidegger When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again is also presented below.]

The Ausstellung Collagen image (below) is from a group show I was asked to participate in, in Bern Switzerland. It was a show based on collage in all different forms, called “Collagen” at gepard14 Gallery, curated by a local Leipzig artist, Peter Piek.

Ausstellung Collagen, Zentrum Fur Kultur Ppzk, Bern Switzerland



The following two photos are images of a project that a former teacher, Tim Maul, approached me to ‘recreate’ for him. This was a collaboration between Tim, Sarina and I.



Finally, I was also mentioned in “Leipzig Zeitgeist” along with Sifa, another LIA resident. [Click on the screenshot below to read the article.]

Leipzig Zeitgeist


The following links lead the posts about Katie Armstrong’s Leipzig residency that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.


Classes will resume at SVA next Monday. I’ll be back early next week with the first post of the spring 2013 semester.

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