Posted by: Jeff Edwards | January 21, 2013

My interview with Alexandre Arrechea in ARTPULSE magazine

ARTPULSE No. 14 Vol. 4 Year 2013

ARTPULSE No. 14 Vol. 4 Year 2013
Front cover: Alexandre Arrechea, Pain Free, 2012, (detail) graphite on paper, 120” x 120”. Courtesy Magnan Metz Gallery, New York.

An interview that I did recently with Cuban-born artist Alexandre Arrechea has just been published in ARTPULSE magazine, where I am a writer and contributing editor. The interview focuses on a large public art project in the Park Avenue medians that Arrechea will unveil this March. In our conversation, he speaks about these new sculptures, their relationship to his other works, and his life as an international (and sometimes itinerant) artist. To read the interview on the ARTPULSE website, click on the image below.

Alexandre Arrechea Artpulse interview

To see some of Alexandre Arrechea’s art and read a little more about his sculptures for the Park Avenue Mall Project, check out the following links:

Here are some other interviews I’ve done for ARTPULSE over the last couple years:

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