Welcome to the VCS blog’s alumni page. This page contains a list of our graduates to date, and a little information about what some of our alumni have been doing since they left the Visual & Critical Studies program.


The VCS program has had three graduating classes to date.

In May, 2010, we sent our first group of graduates out into the world:

Alyse Anderson
Katie Armstrong
Sharon Broza-Stone
Megan Connaughton
Angela Fan
Alejandra Torres

The VCS program has grown rapidly since its inception, and the class of 2011 was almost three times larger than the prior year’s group:

Patrick Anderson
Shannon Broder
Kelly Cabezas
Justin Elm
Joana Fittipaldi
Erin Franke
Andrew Kazinec
Shannon Kelley
Sofia Klapischak
Amy Kolenut
Courtney Linderman
Shellyne Rodriguez
Jennifer Santiago
Olena Shmahalo
Brooke Tomiello
Michelle Yun

Our most recent graduating class was even larger still, with 22 members:

Ranya Asmar
Annatruus Bakker
Ryan Brady
Joseph Bressler
Kelli Cheval
Emma Cooper
Zeke Decker
Autumn Eggleton
Gisel Endara
Gionna Forte
Madeline Gentile
Alex Goldstein
Marissa Havers
Natasha Jacobs
James Kelly
Eleni Kontos
Elektra KB
Jenna Lee
Alexandra MacNamara
Jennifer Martin
Molly Nadav
Jill Pucciarelli


To see what some of our alumni have been up to since graduation, check out these posts on the VCS blog. Many of these entries include links to articles and web sites published outside of SVA.

Katie Armstrong in Leipzig
Katie Armstrong’s first solo show at BravinLee programs

An interview with Paul Chan by Ranya Asmar

VCS alumnus Ryan Brady at Miami Project this week

Catching up with Shannon Broder and Broderpress
Announcing the Degenerate Craft Fair for 2012

Sharon Broza-Stone, Joana Fittipaldi, and the Brooklyn-Kingston Exchange Project

Kelly Cabezas and Jennifer Santiago at FIGMENT NYC

Justin Elm hired as new VCS Systems Administrator

Peter Hristoff and Marissa Havers in “The End is Also the Beginning”

Elektra KB at Vered Contemporary in East Hampton
Elektra KB in a new interview for Société Perrier

Opening this week: “Girls Talk” at ISE Cultural Foundation, featuring VCS alumna Jill Pucciarelli

Shellyne Rodriguez in “Social Realms” at the SVA Gallery
Shellyne Rodriguez and The Declaration of the Occupation of New York City
Shellyne Rodriquez in the Hunter MFA open studios

A Strange Forest by Olena Shmahalo on SVA Portfolios

Brooke Tomiello’s residency at the Leipzig International Art Program


We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. You can learn more also  about some of our graduates by following the links in the VCS Alumni web sites category in the column to the right.

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