More images from the opening reception for Ground Control, January 11, 2011:

A view of the crowd in the lobby outside the Westside Gallery.

An installation by Olena Shmahalo in one of the front hall windows outside the gallery.

A shot taken inside the gallery during the reception. A video by Justin Elm is being projected on the rear wall.

Shellyne Rodriguez's installation of prints based on the Seven Deadly Sins.

A closer view of two of Shellyne's prints.

A detail of Shannon Broder's installation.

Some of Shannon's silkscreened deer pillows.

One of Tess Lundgårdh's books.

A detail from Brooke Tomiello's installation.

A piece by Jennifer Santiago.

Michelle Yun's installation. The drawers contain small items that visitors can take and replace with other objects of their own.

A detail from Kelly Cabezas's installation.

Courtney Linderman's giant flag, which is hanging in the front hall.

An installation of photographs by Shannon Kelly.

A wall full of Sara Friedman's carved wood figures.

More images from the senior sumi ink workshop, September 16, 2010:

More images from VCS senior open studios, April 26, 2010:

VCS student Michelle Yun looks at a sculpture on the wall of Sharon Broza-Stone's studio.

A view inside the sculpture shown in the previous photo.

Another piece from Sharon's studio.

VCS students Erin Franke (left) and Courtney Linderman (center) in Katie Armstrong's studio early in the evening. (Katie is on the right.)

The studios got packed with people later in the evening. That's Katie again in the far background.

A detail from Katie's installation.

The installation in Angela Fan's studio.

A detail from Angela's installation.

Another detail from Angela's installation.

Alejandra Torres's studio.

Alejandra speaks with VCS faculty members Greg Donovan and Isabel Taube about some of her small paintings.

Megan Connaughton's studio.

A detail of the work shown in the last photo.

Another detail from Megan's studio.

A visitor in Alyse Anderson's studio.

A detail from Alyse's periodic table quilt.

More of Alyse's work.

More images from the recent opening reception for Da/Sein, the VCS senior thesis exhibition in the Westside Gallery:

An installation view of Alyse Anderson's works.

Angela Fan inside her installation Living Room Disco.

Visitors look at paintings by Alejandra Torres.

A close look at part of Megan Connaughton's untitled installation.

Two visitors flip through a book by Sharon Broza-Stone.

Katie Armstrong in front of an installation of drawings used in her animation Goodbye Sorrow.

One of Sharon's sculptures.

Another view of Alyse's installation.

Another view of Megan's work.

Alejandra Torres next to her work.

More images from the sumi-e ink workshop in Tom Huhn’s senior thesis class:

VCS student Angela Fan preparing a brush for painting.

Student Alyse Wheeler Anderson trying out blind painting.

Katie Armstrong at work.

Sharon Broza-Stone painting, with Alyse in the background.

Another view of Megan Connaughton and Sharon.

Images from the Outpost student exhibition:

The Outpost opening receptionOutpost opening reception, October 15, 2009 (click to enlarge)

Outpost table

The Outpost Post Office table, containing show pamphlets, barter offer slips, and VCS matchbooks (click to enlarge)

Outpost installation

Another installation view of Outpost (click to enlarge)

Outpost ceiling

The starfield ceiling of the Outpost gallery space (click to enlarge)


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